What You Need To Know About Caller ID Spoofing



Caller ID spoofing is the process of hiding the original ID of the caller by changing its original information so that the receiver of the call will perceive it as a call coming from a different person. To put it simple, caller ID spoofing means displaying a different phone number to the receiver in order to hide the original number of the caller. The most common feature that caller ID spoofing offers is the alteration of the area code of the caller, thus making it look as if the caller is calling from a different location other than where they really are. These kind of services has been provided by telecommunications company for quite a while now, and there are a large number of reasons on why people avail of this call feature. To make you achieve a clear understanding on what caller ID spoofing really is, the next few paragraphs will discuss it further.


To begin using spoof call features, using a SpoofCard here is highly recommended.


Who are the people that often use this feature?


Spoof calls at http://spoofcall.org/ are features that proves to be very useful for professional applications. The most common reason as to why a person avails of a spoof call is for the protection of their privacy. A feature which is something that is not commonly offered by most modern telecommunications company of today.

Often times the use of caller id spoofing is employed by a law enforcement officers especially if they find a need to track down criminals, investigate a certain person as well as locate missing persons. This feature is a very important feature for these law enforcers especially those private investigators as they need to have a hidden identity at all times for safety reasons. Oftentimes caller ID spoofing is used by these investigators to make it look like they are calling from the phone of someone personally close to the receiver, such as a family member or a friend.  Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/caller-id-spoofing/ for more info about spoof calling.


This is because most of the time people ignores calls from strangers but not the call coming from someone close to them. Once the receiver answer these calls, private investigators use a different call feature in order to track down the location of the receiver. This makes the job of the private investigator a whole lot easier. With it, tracking down criminals or locating missing individuals will become a very easy task to do.


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