Spoof Calls – What Are They?



A spoof phone call is a type of service that allows the caller to disguise as another person by using a different caller number and name that appears on the recipient’s caller ID. As of today, there are various online companies that provides caller ID spoofing services at a low price.


Apart from changing your caller ID, they can also offer other services and often times the rate is determined by the number of minutes or hours you have been using their services. The other services they offer include call recording and voice changing. Once you are done purchasing the SpoofCard PIN, the person needs to call 866 and provide relevant information like your phone number, the number of the person you intend to call, the caller ID that will appear on the recipients phone, afterwhich the call can be made already.


The use of spoof call at http://spoofcall.org/voicechanger/ is legal for some countries hence any person can obtain this type of services at an affordable price. The recipient of the call will not have any idea who is the person calling, it will not even appear on their phone bill however there would be precise records of calls made by the spoofing company that is kept confidential. This type of services is legal so long as you are not using it for unlawful activities like swindling or fraud, for instance the services is used that way, the spoofing company is oblige to coordinate with the higher authorities. Most states do not permit any act of recording a particular call without any declaration being made hence it would be best to check the legality of the actions you will made.


You might be wondering why people spoof calls? There are a number of situations that spoofing a number is useful. For instance, a doctor is currently not in his or her office and they want to make a phone call through their phone with the same number in their office or perhaps a telemarketing companies want to one number to appear whenever call centers contact them. The latter are just a few things wherein caller ID spoofing is beneficial but of course you can search online at this link if you want to know further.


A spoof call can be made in almost all types of mobile phone or landline except for the 911 and other numbers related to government agencies and security related institutions. Know more about spoof calling at http://www.ehow.com/how_7521773_spoofed-phone-number.html.


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